Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mana perginya keikhlasan cinta?


dulu lelaki itu pernah melafazkan dia tak pernah berubah
dulu lelaki itu menyatakan dia tiada yang lain
mengapa mesti berbohong
mengapa mesti berpura pura

aku terlalu setia kepadanya
aku terlalu bergantung harapan padanya
sesungguhnya kata kata yang keluar dari mulutnya adalah dusta
entah berapa kali dia berkata untuk berhenti dan menumpukan hidupnya padaku
tapi aku masih tertipu lagi..
pandainya dia berkata entah akhir hayatnya masuk syurga atau tidak
mengapa mempermainkan ayat agama jika dia tidak boleh berpegang pada janjinya
tidakkah lelaki itu sedar itu adalah sifat munafik?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh my God, I’ve been fooled!!!


My day yesterday ended with a terrible headache coz of the tense and pressure that I had which i don’t know why it happened. Maybe coz i’ve just realized something and it really did opened my eyes to the reality coz i’ve been in fantasy land all these while. Sometimes, i don’t understand what’s in a guy’s mind. If he is nice to you, you might think that he likes you but don’t be fooled by the sweet words, he might just wanna spend his ‘free’ time with you since he has got nothing to do. Nothing more than that.. Even if he said that he LIKES you, that doesn’t mean that he likes you as much as how you care about him. We, on the other side are soooooo madly in love with those sweet and nice compliments that he gave and accidently fell in love with him for being such a great gentleman. Oh god, i’ve been fooled! Damn…. Sometimes, we have to understand the difference between LIKE and LOVE. You can like so many guys/girls but you can/should only love one person in your life. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find that kind of guy nowadays. Some of the excuses which are widely used by guys: - I’m not ready.. - I don’t wanna lose you and ruined our friendship.. - I afraid of hurting you that’s why i prefer to be friends.. - I’m still madly in love with my ex-gf.. - I’m nothing if compare to you.. I don’t deserve a girl like you.. You deserve a better man.. - I’m not financially stable, i have no job, no car, no this, no that, argh… whatever!!! Girls…. If you have encountered any of the above statements/excuses, you must except the fact the… "He is just not that into you!!". So move on with your life and just let him be with his other ‘girl friends’ which he also REALLY LIKES…...

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